GM Downloads

PLAYERS: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPOIL THE ADVENTURE LEAVE NOW! This section includes files for the GM only.

The following files will help you run the main Seven Worlds campaign.

Setting Guide

The following GM-only downloads are available as companions to the Seven Worlds Setting Guide:

Campaign Modules

The following GM-only downloads will be available as companions to the adventures in the main Seven Worlds Campaign once they are released.

To view the 3D maps make sure you have an appropriate VRML/WRL viewer for your platform.

Campaign Overview

We've written a three-page overview of the entire campaign to help you understand what's going on and navigate the modules and Campaign Book. Download the three page Campaign Overview here.

Module 1: Rumors of War

Module 2: Divided We Fall

Module 3: Into the Fire

  • Player Handouts
  • Player and GM Maps
  • 3D Map that shows how all routes are now secondary (since the Stellar Communications Network is down), and that also shows as dead-end routes the lines that go to planets that have already fallen to the Devourer advance.
  • You can also find the following 1"-scale, full-size battlemaps for sale at RPGNow: Ice World Research Facility.

Module 4: Broken Circle

Module 5: Chrysalis

Module 6: Exodus

Module 7: Endgame

Other Downloads

The following files are not needed to play, but help flesh out the Seven Worlds universe for those with more interest in detail.

Star System Characteristics

All planets in Seven Worlds were carefully modeled to be as faithful to scientific knowledge as possible. Our main inspiration and model was Steve Jackson Games' awesome GURPS Space, 4th Edition planetary creation rules. What follows are PDF copies of the star systems for all seven (eight) systems in the campaign. These were created with the Handbook of the Planets, a spreadsheet created by SJGames forums user Agemegos that models the GURPS Space, 4th Edition rules. We have not included the spreadsheet here in order to avoid any copyright issues, but you can find it at the GURPS wiki at You can of course enter the parameters listed in the PDFs below into the spreadsheet to reproduce the model of each star system.

Spaceship Icons

Some of you may want to create your own Seven Worlds maps or spaceship tokens for use with your games. You can download the entire collection of spaceship icons available as one ZIP file.

We'd be happy to have you share your token creations with the community!

Population of the Seven Worlds

This spreadsheet models the population of the Seven Worlds by the year 2217. It takes several factors into account:

  • Birth and Mortality rates (combined as the Growth rate), taken from UN estimates up to the year 2300. We are assuming that colonies promote high birth rates (large families) to accelerate colonization where possible.
  • An emigration distribution model as more and more people from Earth decide to move to the other planets.
  • A special evacuation model for the asteroid catastrophe on Earth and the Project Ascension evacuation phase. This model calculates the number of people transported up the atmosphere and on to the other planets.

The result is a population model that further increases the sense of believability of Seven Worlds.

Spaceship Engine Tables

A lot of thought went into how to design spaceships that would be internally consistent with our astrophysics knowledge. This spreadsheet is the result.

By starting with our estimated for Exhaust and Thrust, as well as estimated Mass and Propellant distribution, we have modeled acceleration, distance, passenger capacity, spaceship radius and many other parameters. After ensuring each spaceship is "feasible" under our parameters, we converted by hand those parameters to Savage Worlds vehicle equivalents.

A huge thanks goes to Winchell Chung's Atomic Rockets web site, from which most of these models were used.

Fan Creations

Here are some extra downloads created by awesome Seven Worlds backers and fans. Thank you to them!