The following page lists errata to all identified issues with both the Seven Worlds Setting Guide and the Seven Worlds Campaign Book printed books. These may apply to the PDFs as well, although we'll be making efforts to keep the PDFs updated and corrected periodically.

If you find other issues that believe should be listed here, contact

Setting Guide Errata

The page number refers to the number in the printed version of the Setting Guide. Note that there should be updated, error-free copies of the PDF Setting Guide uploaded to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow in the next few weeks/months, so you should see these fixed soon in the PDF version.

Inside cover Starmap

The detailed Starmap on the inside cover mislabels the star system Wolf 359 as Ross 359.

Page 11

The timeline shows Logan's End being founded on 2168. The correct date is 2179.

Page 106

The following Edge is also available under Combat Edges:


Requirements: Seasoned, Wild Card, have an Assistant.

The Assistant's algorithms have had months or years to fine tune themselves to the character's thinking and actions. Pick ONE skill your assistant has. The Assistant now rolls that specific skill with a Wild die. This edge may be taken multiple times with different skills.

Page 109

In the Advancement Table the words "Veteran" and "Heroic" have been swapped by mistake.

  • "Veteran" corresponds to Gamma Officer: In addition to the above, the Officer gains a few Leadership Edge of his or her choice, as long as he or she fulfills all requirements for it.
  • "Heroic" corresponds to Delta Officer: In addition to the above, the officer rolls a d8 Wild Die for Knowledge (Battle) rolls.
Page 118

The entry for Explosive Round in the Ammo Table should list Damage 2d8 AP4 *, not *Damage 2d8 AP2.

Page 167

Delta Officer Bryce Saucedo's stat block should include the Experienced Assistant Edge for her Assistant's Hacking skill.

Page 170

The stat block for Dark Terror should not have a Powers section. Dark Terrors have no Power Points and no Powers. This also applies to the stat block in Module 1 (M1-P35).

Pages 174-175

The stat blocks for Junior Knight and Veteran Knight are missing the Shooting skill. The Shooting skill for knights should be d6. This also applies to the stats in Module 1 (M1-P35).

Page 179

The stat blocks for Resistance Fighter Psion, Resistance Fighter Psion (Vacuum) and Soldier Psion are missing the Throwing skill. The Throwing Skill for the first two is a d4, and the Throwing skill for the Soldier Psion is d8. This also applies to the stat blocks in Modules 5 (M5-p39/40), 6 (M6-p34) and 7 (M7-p41).

Campaign Book Errata

The page listed below corresponds to the page in the printed Campaign Book. Additionally, the page in the PDF modules where the error appears has been marked in the following format: [M#-pXYZ], where # is the module number and XYZ the page number. Thus M5-p21 refers to page 21 of Module 5. Note that since the modules are PDFs, there should be updated, error-free copies of them uploaded to DriveThruRPG/RPGNow in the next few weeks/months. We'll be keeping the page numbers here, though, in case you have not downloaded the updated copies.

Inches symbol (") changed to period (.)

Throughout the Campaign Book and across Modules 5 and 6, several inches symbols (") have been replaced by periods (.). For example, page 139 (M5-p13) says The gun clatters to the floor 1d4. from the character... instead of saying The gun clatters to the floor 1d4" from the character.

This typo occurs throughout the text in the following pages:

  • page 139 (M5-p13)
  • page 145 (M5-p19)
  • page 146 (M5-p20)
  • page 148 (M5-p22)
  • page 150 (M5-p24)
  • page 179 (M6-p20)
  • Page 237 (M6-p32): Chrysalis Swarm "Fly" Stat
  • M6-p32: Dragon "Flight" and "Tail Lash" stat, Lava Demon "Flight" stats (these typos do not appear in the Campaign Book since those stats are in the Setting Guide, where they are OK).
Pages 133-136

Players might be asking how the Planetary Environments table from page 127 of the Setting Guide changes to reflect Chrysalis. In short:

  • If you're visiting Chrysalis and are from Zarmina or Logan's End, use these tags: CH, TD, LG.
  • If you're visiting Chrysalis and are from any planet but Zarmina or Logan's End, then the following planetary conditions apply: CH, TD.
  • If you're from Chrysalis and are visiting any other world but Zarmina, the following tags apply: TB
  • If you're from Chrysalis and are visiting Zarmina, the following tags apply: HG.
Page 228-229

The player map mentioned on page 203 of the Campaign Book and page M7-p11 (in the section titled 5. The Library) is missing. You can find this map on page 4 of the freely downloadable Player and GM Maps PDF for Module 7, available in the GM Downloads section of the site.

Pages 230-237

The following NPCs should have the Experienced Assistant Edge added to their stat blocks to account for their Assistants' Wild Die skills.

  • Trevor Antoine (page 234, M1-p33, M2-p29)
  • Bryce Saucedo (page 232, M2-p30)
  • Leon Granberg (page 235, M3-p26)
  • "Ryan" (page 237, M5-p34)
  • Admiral Viktor Karragan (page 230, M5-p36)
  • Captain Thomas Burge (page 231, M6-p31)
Page 235

The picture for Johann Patras is wrong (The image is also wrong in M3-p27). The correct picture is this: