A long, dangerous march begins!

The end of the epic, galaxy-shattering Seven Worlds campaign is near. And there's no better way to prepare for the end than with an action- and rules-packed module!

Module 6 - Exodus

In Exodus, the heroes have organized a fleet of civilian and military ships, and are now carrying the secret to stop the fearsome Devourer invasion. But can they reach Earth in time? They might, if they decide to follow a tip and shorten a hopelessly long voyage by taking a dangerous route. Unfortunately, rebel elements within the fleet have other intentions, and are willing to put everyone's lives at risk to stop the fleet from reaching its destination!

Besides including three additional side stories, Exodus contains some special features unique to Seven Worlds:

  • A detailed computer map and hacking subsystem, designed to get players involved in retaking control of a mutinied battleship. This includes access to systems, security control, computer keys, and more!
  • A climactic battle inside a zero-G sphere, complete with rules for moving in three dimensions within the sphere itself!
  • And detailed rules to simulate the management and control of a rag-tag space fleet (inspired by that show about a rag-tag fleet, now Seven Worlds-style)!

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