Chapter 2 of the campaign is out!

Module 2- Divided We Fall

In Divided We Fall, war between Concordia and Bay Jing, the two most powerful planets in the Seven Worlds, is heating up. One of the combatants hides a secret that could change the tide of the war, and it is the heroes’ job to discover what it is. As the heroes uncover this secret and prepare to witness the mutual annihilation of Concordia and Bay Jing, the sudden arrival of a third participant changes everything and forces humanity to choose between leaving their quarrels aside and joining against the darkness, or dying together!

Divided We Fall also includes six new side stories so your players can explore the Seven Worlds while they play the main campaign!

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And if you still don't have it, don't forget to get the award-winning Seven Worlds Setting Guide, the core book for the setting!