The fourth chapter in the Seven Worlds saga is here!

A space station. A barroom brawl. An atmosphere-skimming spaceship battle. A cold-case mystery. A critter-filled jungle expedition. And an aerial vehicle chase in High-G.

Welcome to Broken Circle, the fourth exciting chapter in the Seven Worlds epic campaign!

Module 4 - Broken Circle

In Broken Circle, while human space slowly but surely falls to the alien invaders known as the Devourers, the heroes get involved in a dangerous rescue mission in the savage jungles of Logan’s End. The reward for a successful rescue: The solution to the mystery surrounding the tragic story of a long-dead smuggler spaceship crew; and the coordinates of a mysterious place known only as Chrysalis, the heroes’ only hope to save the Seven Worlds from annihilation!

Broken Circle also includes five new side stories so your players can explore the Seven Worlds while they play the main campaign!

Renner Station space battle
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Jungle Attack